Monday, September 28, 2009

Saving a dollar

People, have I found a deal for you!

If you are like me, you LOVE the expensive salon shampoo & conditioner products, but HATE the price. However, you are willing to pay that price because, well let's face it, those products are better and do a better job (in my personal opinion).

Now, I'm one of those who loves my Aveda and Pureology products. And both are expensive. I have pretty thick, very dry hair. The regular drugstore shampoo/conditioner just won't do what I need it to do because I like smoother, straighter hair. Because my hair has damage from all the highlights, it takes some heavy stuff to get my hair to do what I want. Hence the more pricy products.

But in this economy, we are all looking for ways to save a dollar. And I have found the holy grail of savings for those of you who heart the expensive stuff but really don't need to spend the money on it right now!

I happened upon this little gem purely by accident. I was at Mama's and didn't have any of my products with me - mainly because I was there strictly to help BabySis move to her new bad ass loft apartment. Who needs products for that? She asked if I would like to go to dinner with her and the new bf so I needed something to wash my hair with. Looking around at all of Mama's products in the shower, I came across a bottle of Suave. SUAVE y'all! Now, I know some of you have loved it since forever, but it's never worked for my type of hair. It just doesn't. But this was a special, and new, Suave. It was a salon quality with Nexxus in it. Nexxus is a wonderful line of salon products that I have used on and off over the years. Actually, there was this one Nexxus conditioner that was awesome as a hand lotion. Seriously!

But I digress.

So anyway, being as I had no choice but to use it...I commenced to washing my hair. And let me just tell you right now. That night? I heard the angels singing in that shower!

It smells wonderful, and the conditioner? Oh. My. God. It worked AS WELL AS my Aveda Deep Conditioner that I pay $26.00 a tube for and only get about 5 uses out of because I have so much hair and it's so dry.

Internet, you must try this stuff:

It's a new (or new to me, at least) line they have out called Suave Professional Humectant (with Nexxus). And the best part? It's only about $3.50/bottle! I got lucky and found it on sale at Kroger for $1.88/bottle. I don't know, maybe they were having a sale that week. Whatever.

The point is this this stuff really is serious SALON QUALITY y'all!

Try it! I promise you, you won't be returning it to get your money back. And if you do? Well, you're just crazy.

Sparkles 'n kisses!

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