Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oh, behave! (or not...)

"Well behaved women rarely make history".


This is one of my most favorite quotes! And I live by it every day as if it were my motto. The way I figure, you only have one life and none of us are getting out of this alive. Live it like you might not wake up tomorrow. So, I say get out there and live a little, ladies! Make your mark on this world. Make your own history!

Do something you never thought you'd do... and no one else thought you'd do either. Have a good laugh at yourself, at your expense. Don't take life too seriously.

Example: I wore the crown that one of my BFF's gave me for my birthday this year, then took a picture with him to show the world how proud of it I was. I was so proud of that crown that I wore it in the restaurant all night...even though I am in my 40's, and even though, I'm sure, there were people looking down their noses all "I cannot believe that woman is wearing a crown IN HERE"! Guess what? I'll bet you that myself and my friends had TONS more fun than they did. They were worried about being too pretentious... I was worried about nothing more than living my life to it's fullest.

See what I mean?

Don't take the little things for granted. Take the little things, and make them grand!

Whatever you're doing... turn it in to a fabulous memory. And please... don't rest too much. You'll have plenty of time for that when the good Lord calls you Home!

Now go! Git! Have fun and make me proud!

Sparkles 'n kisses!



  1. you are haven't been on here at all. If Blogger was more mobile update user friendly bet we'd use it more. Hope you're doing good and good luck to your niece on her first pageant.


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