Saturday, February 12, 2011

Film Festin'

Hi Dolls!

Hope this all finds you as fabulous as can be! I have finally had a quiet weekend, with no plans, and I have really enjoyed it.

But, I get antsy.

So, thank goodness I have tons of plans for the upcoming week! In case you didn't already know it from my numerous tweets and Facebook postings, The 6th Annual Macon Film Festival is almost upon us and I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am.

Terrell Sandefur, Priscilla Esser and a slew of others have worked tirelessly to bring you this fabulous 4 day event (Feb 17-20) in beautiful, historic downtown Macon, GA! This is my first year volunteering and I'll be working two different time slots: Friday, 2-5pm slot for the box office and Saturday, 11-2pm for filmmaker check-in. Come see me!

I will also be attending day and evening screenings, which ohmigoodness, just gives me chills at the fun that is headed my way, not to mention I finally get to see "Get Low". And? AND??? The after parties! (Can I get an Amen, please?) Let me just tell you right now, I am already going through my closet to pick out my "Film Fest Funky" attire, as the fantastic Mr. Sandefur described to me when I asked what the attire was for the festival. Hey! This IS my first festival and I do loves me an excuse to purchase clothes for any reason whatsoever. So, not only have I been devouring my closet, I have purchased a couple of cute things from Jack & Darcy Boutique in Milledgeville. (You can also find Jack & Darcy on Facebook here.)

(Side note: Did you see all those links? I'm pluggin' everyone today!)

In other entertainment news, I spent Wednesday evening playing cards, eating delicious food and enjoying cocktails with three of the coolest people I know: The amazing Mizz Kate McD, George and my new friend, Jettice. We had a litte bit of a half time show where Kate ran out of gas AND killed her battery all within 5 minutes. George and I jet off to save the damsel in distress, then arrive back in time to eat, break out the Uno cards, and fill our glasses with wine and love. After many hours of wine and a gazillion laughs, I do declare that it was totally worth dragging out of bed at 11:30 the next day. I may, or may not, have been hungover.

(Side note: When going out, and it's raining hard, do not under any circumstances wear light colored suede boots. FAIL!)

In the homefront department, I woke up this morning earlier than normal because I had a really bad feeling something was wrong. Oh, was it ever wrong. When I opened my eyes, they went right to my cat, Wesley, who was happily tee-teeing all over a small pile of dirty cloths that I did not put in the hamper. And he was looking me dead in the eyes, daring me to beat the shit out of him. His litter box is clean. Food and water is full. I have no clue what I did that made him mad. All I know is he better be glad he wasn't trying to finish off my previously-mentioned suede boots, because there was about to be a misunderstanding up in here! And, oh-my-god-no-he-didn't, as I'm cleaning it all up and throwing everything in the wash, he jumps his little nappy butt up on the bed, stretches, then curls up and goes to sleep.


Blink blink.

That cat is SO VERY LUCKY TO BE ALIVE TODAY. He better be glad that I love him so much. That's all I'm sayin'.

Sparkles 'n kisses!




  1. Love it! See you at the film festival.

  2. See you there, Terrell! Can't wait!

  3. SoChi knows how to party like an A-Lister!
    Thrilled you'll be part of the Film Fest entourage!

  4. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! And I get to wear a piece or two from the J&D collection. Who cares if it's summer wear! :-) See you there!

  5. Eeeek. I'd always assumed cats always went to the litter box, without fail. I thought dogs were the only ones who had accidents!

  6. Stephanie - I did, too, until I got this one. He has his own attitude and set of rules that he lives by. They say when cats do that, it can mean they're not feeling well or that you've made them mad. Wesley seems to feel ok, so it stands to reason that he was a little ill with me yesterday for some reason. But I'll keep watch on him just in case. Thanks for stopping by! I'm just now getting back to my blog after a year hiatus and catching up on the blogs I follow.


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