Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A day not so fabulous

Dear y'all,

As much as I love all things fabulous, every now and then I just need "one of those days". A day for sweats and no make up, and that's about the extent of it. Today, I took a vacation day. Sometimes you just need a mid-week vacation day to re-group. Not that I needed to re-group completely, but just to wind down a little because the weekends have become so hectic. See, every weekend from now until Thanksgiving is booked solid. This weekend, I'm judging a pageant and visiting with my Aunt Carla, from Savannah, who's judging with me. Next weekend, I'm off to Virginia for a lot of nostalgia and even more wine with my old roomie from CA, Jen (yay!). The weekend after that, my cousin Britain is getting married in Atlanta, and the following weekend, I and the other siblings will be at Mama's to, once and for all, get our old stuff out of her storage building and have a big 'ol yard sale. She has politely informed us that she'd like her space back and that we are grown-ass adults and to get our own space to store all of our crap that we do not want in our homes or sell it. And the weekends continue on like this.

So, as I woke up this morning, to Wesley (my cat) having his morning playtime (i.e. freaking the heck out!), I considered my options: get out of bed, or just burrow down in to the middle with the comforter wrapped all around and watch TV for hours until it was time to get up to cook dinner.

About that time, the internet called. It missed me. It needed me to read the news, Perez Hilton, Msnbc, The Huffington Post and Dear Abby (because who doesn't love Dear Abby?). It also beckoned me to Tweet, comment to friends' Facebook status's, vote for AC Pup so that he could win $1M for our local animal shelter, respond to emails, and work on a blog or two.

Hi, my name is Tammy Spires. And I'm an internet addict.

After I had my "fix", I considered what to do next. So I picked up around the house a little, and played with Wesley.

(Side note: Have you ever had a cat that was obsessed with his litter box? Each time I go near the thing, he's all "What are you doing to my poop? Seriously. It's my poop". And I'm all "Dude, I need to scoop it". And he's all "Just be careful with it" and I'm all "OK! I promise!". Y'all, he can be in a dead sleep two rooms away, and if he hears me scooping, he runs to the restroom like I'm about to kidnap the poop and keep it for myself. He follows me from the litter box to the toilet then watches it go bye-bye when I flush. It's almost funny to watch him because he actually STARES AT THE POOP with this totally pitiful look about him - like, goodbye, my friend. He has been known to try to get in to the box and LAY IN IT to stop me from trying to scoop the poop. Boy's got some issues. I'm just sayin'.)

Anyway... Once Wesley was all happy and peachy and seeing Starburst rainbows, I thought ok -- what now? By then I was a little munchy, and actually considered a quick roadtrip up to Atlanta for the sole reason of getting a Chipotle burrito. I will drive up there just to get one, eat it, then drive back. I am not even kidding. I have been known to do that in the past. The closest Chipotle restaurant is an hour and 15 minutes north of here, in Buckhead (Atl). After a few minutes of serious consideration, I settled on a gyro from Papouli's Mediterranean Cafe' and Market, our local Greek restaurant.

Excellent choice, as their chicken gyro is to die for! And the day has been perfect with beautiful skies and the perfect temperature to sit outside and eat.

Afterwards, I returned a movie that Blockbuster was about to charge me for because I never take them back on time. Then on to PetSmart, where I got all kinds of goodies for Wesley - including a new, covered, litter box! He is going to be so excited (you know, that whole obsession with his poop thing). I have also picked out his and Tater's (my little doggie) Christmas presents. Her, new clothes. Him, a bad ass scratching/climbing post that has 4 levels. I have no idea where to put that thing when I get it. I have a sunroom, and I think the corner, by one of the windows will be an excellent spot for it.

By this time, it's pushing on 4pm, so we head on back to the house. I become lazy once again, and vegg out on the couch, watch a little TV, and take some meat out of the fridge to thaw out for dinner... spaghetti. Yum!

Afternoon cocktails are on the horizon, then dinner, then more vegging out on the couch until bedtime.

So, I think my not-so-fabulous-day turned out to be just fabulous after all - even when traveling through the day with no makeup, no heels and no "do". Just a ponytail under a Raiders hat, tennis shoes, and sweats. I rested, shopped, ate, entertained Wesley, rested some more, will be having drinks and cooking dinner shortly and then a little wind-down time before preparing for work tomorrow.

Yeah... I guess it was pretty fabulous.

Sparkles 'n kisses!




  1. Internet addicts, unite! My excuse is that my job title includes the word "web," so it's totally okay.

    We can keep it pretty chill when you're here. Wining and dining are about as racy as I get. ;)

  2. Oh sweetie, we'll do whatever we can come up with. Chill is great! I'm very excited about the Sunday brunch! I'd like to see a little of the Old Town as well as some of your favorite that cheese place you speak so much about! Other than that, we're breaking out the wine and Halloween photos for a trip down memory lane! ;-)

  3. a lot of good blogs lately, really positive, light and 'make you smile'... =)

  4. Those are the best kinds of days. I took a stay-cation a couple of weeks ago. Just hung around the house, shopped, and did errands. It was just what I needed. I think I need an extra weekend day every week, though!


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